Birthday Wishes

Today is my wonderful Hubs Birthday.


You are the most amazing person I know!   Thank you for being here to celebrate another birthday!

May your year be all you want it to.  May you enjoy life and live it to the fullest!

I Love You!!



Christmas Week

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!  The SIL, BIL and their kids went to San Diego for Christmas and allowed the hubs and I to tag along.  We are lucky they like us :-).

merry I got to write my message in the sand! 

We went to the Scripps Aquarium, San Diego Zoo Safari park, Coronado Island, played in the water(wearing wetsuits), The SIL and I did some stand-up paddleboard yoga!   It was a wonderful week. 


20161226_105157 Obviously the hubs did not want his pic taken.   Boo!


I have not received the photos from the yoga on the water yet.  When I do I will post them.  It was fun, yet so much harder than I thought it would be.

Hope you had a great week and are enjoying your 2017 so far. 


Newest Art

just done tattoo


I had a tribal tattoo on my upper right arm that I wanted covered.  Friday I went to The Raw Canvas in Grand Junction and got my cover.  I wanted a lotus flower.  They only grow in the mud, yet are one of the most beautiful flowers.  I feel this symbolizes my life.  Some days life is muddy other days life is beautiful.


Post Thanksgiving Review

Hello All!   Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving at the house this year.  The son and his gf came for dinner and the other son and family came after dinner for a few hours.  It was a wonderfully relaxing day.  Unfortunately the gf had to work by 2 pm so she missed dinner.   Before she left we went to play a few holes of disc golf. 

Dinner was traditional, the hubs used the Traeger to cook the turkey.  I made bacon avocado deviled eggs, homemade cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts with bacon and of course stuffing.  I also had homemade refried beans with chips for snacking.  I tried to make the meal as healthy as possible with real ingredients. 

Everyone ate to the point of stuffed, or overstuffed.  The turkey was delicious even if a little big.  We purchased an 18 lb turkey that barely fit in the Traeger.  I have lots of leftover turkey.  

I so enjoyed spending the day with the kids.  The rest of this weekend has also been relaxing.  I do yoga every morning, and realized I need more flexibility and strength.  I am working on it…..slowly…. one class at a time.  I do wish there was more classes offered in my area so I could get pointers on form.   Oh well.   I am truly thankful for YouTube.

At Thanksgiving we need to give thanks for that which we have……..This year I am so very thankful to have my Husband.   Every day I am thankful for what we have gone through this year and happy he is still with me to enjoy life, get help and recover. 


What are you thankful for?


Bucket List

Last weekend Clint and I were able to mark off one item on our bucket list.  We have a friend in Chicago that we have played WOW with for 10 years and we wanted to meet him.  Well we accomplished that goal!!

I was so excited to finally meet face to face.  We also got to meet his brother, who we also played wow with, his beautiful wife and daughter.  It was an amazing trip! 

This was probably the first time we have flown in 8 years.  Lots have change.  I was amazed at the difference in airport security.   Here – get out all fluid containing products, put in separate bin, take off shoes… you know the usual.   In Chicago leave everything in your bag, leave your shoes ON, wait for the dog to sniff you.  Such two totally different experiences.

In Chicago we went to dinner at HopLeaf Bar.  Amazing food and an incredible beer selection.  The only drawback was it was dark and we are all getting to the point where my flashlight on my phone came in very handy :-).

We rode in an Uber, cab and a rental car you can get for only 4 hours.  We walked lots.  Had a Chicago hotdog, this is an experience, and visited the Willis Tower(formerly known as the Sears Tower). 

I am so blessed to have been able to do this bucket list item with my best friend, my love.

14601125_1221585257884478_3648023777384932438_n_002 My hubs at the Willis tower, out on the pure glass platform. 


Perfect Fall Day


Yesterday started with some Fightmaster Yoga for me, then some inversion work in the form of headstands and scorpion pose.

Spent some time in the am playing World of Warcraft.  Yes the new expansion has arrived and it is, at this time, the most fun I have had playing wow in years.

The hubs and I went to a local veggie stand for some end of year goodness.  Spaghetti squash were 3 for $1.00, talk about a steal, should have purchased more.  We also got a hubbard squash to try.  Had that for dinner last night and it was delicious!  Looks weird, tastes great.


We then went shooting with the kids. Guns and compund bow!  I shot the GF’s compound bow.  First time I have ever shot one, it was fun!  Hit the target on the second arrow.  The son brought a bird target for the pistols and I shot the hell out of the metal stand that bird was on.

Next was 9 holes of disc golf.  Discs, dogs, kids and beautiful fall weather equals fun!

To top of the day we had beer and a movie.

To me that was a perfect fall day.  Sunshine and videogames, family time spent together with enjoyable activities.

The hubs decided he wants to try Elk hunting this year, I agree as it has to be cheaper then trying to find any grassfed beef around here.  The cost of beef is amazing!

How was your Saturday!